Progress on the 1/4 Scale Stays

Friday, August 5, 2011

So remember those 1/4 scale 18th century things I told you about? Well, I thought I'd post about the progress I'm making!

I started the polonaise first and realized it doesn't fit my miniature dummy, who was made for the renaissance stays. So I decided to make a new dummy, but first I'd need to make some stays to go with the dress. So off I went.

I got the basis for my pattern from here and then fixed up the dress bodice pattern to look more like that. The boning layout is also based on that.

I traced around the pieces onto "linen" (cotton scraps) and "silk" (poly satin). Once they were cut out I started sewing the layers together. There were some "oops" moments, including the one when I realized I couldn't get boning in from the top if the top was already sewn shut! Luckily I remedied this. Here is a picture of half the front, the piece I've currently made the most progress on:

The green is my "sturdy layer." There's going to be another lining after it's all together.

And here are all the pieces laid out side by side.
I haven't slit all the tabs yet because poly satin frays like nobody's business. For the edges I'm basically doing some sort of buttonhole whipstitch around them. Yes, I know it will take forever. I didn't start this because I wanted a quick project!

So that's those. I'll hopefully post about the dress itself soon.


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