Howl Jacket Done!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes, it's done! I shipped it off on Thursday and Cindy received it on Saturday. She says she loves it!

I don't have too many progress photos but here is one where it's almost done:

And finally, the finished product!


Here are some pictures of my fabulous brother modeling for me:


What a cool kid. So it's in Atlanta now and I am waiting for a check.

In other news, I have been furiously working on my 18th century stays. I'm so sorry that there are no pictures of them yet! By the time I get around to it, they'll probably be done. Oh well.

I wanted to share this game:
It's from Colonial Williamsburg. You have to figure out which clothes go on which social classes. It's quite informative and fun, although I did catch a mistake: someone with no maid would have had to put on her shoes before her stays! :D

-Madame Taylor


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